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Rust Repair

rusts in the car exterior

There are many ways that a car or truck can begin to break down and suffer with issues. One of the most insidious is rust, and it’s something we’ve seen happen with vehicles countless times over the years. Rust has the potential to cause major upset, especially since it can attack all sorts of different parts of your vehicles internal and external components. At At Charging Bull Auto Body, we provide a rust repair service that not only rids your vehicle of rust, but provides some additional protection against future rust development, which is always a concern. If you’re looking for a Kenosha rust repair service that produces reliable results, we’re the ideal choice. You can discover more information about rust and what causes it, as well as details about our rust repair service, by reading below. Any additional questions should be directed at our customer service representatives, who are available over the phone or online.


What Causes Rust?

Before we get into the details about how rust can damage your vehicle, and how we can get rid of it once it’s developed, it’s important to look at how rust comes about in the first place. Put simply, rust results from the reaction that takes place between iron, water and air. The oxidizing process produces a reddish-brown coat that will eventually lead to corrosion. As vehicles get older, rust is more and more likely to occur, while the climate and your driving style can also be contributing factors that make a car more likely to rust.


Types of Rust

Believe it or not, there are several different types of rust that you need to be aware of, as they can all cause issues with your car’s interior or exterior components. Surface rust affects the outer layer of your vehicle, and is usually where rust first appears. If it’s treated at this stage, you can usually avoid rust spreading further. Scale rust is where the surface rust has been left long enough to corrode the metal on the body panels more extensively. Finally, you have penetrating rust, which is where it’s spreading throughout your vehicle’s depths. This might well require the replacement of parts altogether.


Rust Repair Coverage

Rust can accumulate in various parts of your vehicle’s structure, and you need to have it all removed to ensure that your vehicle remains safe and functional at all times. Besides finding it in your car’s bodywork, it could also be in your frame rails, wheel wells, exhausts, in your suspension, and even in the doors, windscreen area, or trunk. We’ll find and eliminate the rust wherever it may be.


No Time for Home Remedies

You might be thinking that eliminating rust is something you can handle on your own, but that isn’t the most prudent course of action. The truth is that only a professional rust repair service will comprehensively remove all rust present, eliminating the possibility of it quickly spreading again. Save yourself lots of time and hassle by letting our professionals handle the job in your stead.

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